From Impossible, A Story Inspired by Ron Bouchard
Written by James P. Desrosiers

On Saturday, December 3, 2016 at RB Racing Museum we hosted the book launch for From Impossible, a children’s book written by James Desrosiers, inspired by Ron Bouchard.

James signed copies of his book for local children and families, while the kids got to explore the actual race cars Ron Bouchard drove, that are housed in RB Racing Museum.

Ron Bouchard’s racing wins inspired James as a kid, and the famous #47 car that Ron drove to glory in the 1981 Talladega even appears in the book!

For more information from the author click HERE.

You can purchase a copy of the book on our Merchandise page.

Ron Bouchard, Remembering the Kid from Fitchburg
Compiled and Edited by Bones Bourcier

The launch of the much anticipated book, Ron Bouchard, Remembering the Kid From Fitchburg, was held August 10th, 2016 at Thompson Speedway.

The book’s author, one of the greatest writers in racing history, our own Bones Bourcier, along with Bugsy Stevens, George Summers, Steve Bird, Vic Kangas, Eddie Flemke Jr., Kenny Bouchard and many Bouchard family members, were present for the book signing. It was an incredibly proud moment for the whole Bouchard clan.

The book can be purchased for $28 at coastal 181’s website, or on our Merchandise page.

In Loving Memory Of
Ron Bouchard
November 23, 1948 – December 10, 2015